What to Expect When You Visit

We know visiting a church can be intimidating- all the questions about how things work, what will happen, and more!

First things first, we’re located at 4907 10th St in Great Bend, KS and we’ve got a place saved for you!

When  you visit Heartland, we want you to be comfortable & know what to expect- here’s the rundown:

Come dressed as you are- our pastors preach in jeans, but you might see people in suits. Our conviction (and the message of Scripture!) is that God isn’t concerned about what you wear- He’s concerned with your heart! So just come out and join us whether you’re in jeans & a t-shirt, gym shorts, or a three piece suit!

Our worship is free & open- we might ask you to stand, but there aren’t any rules. Some people might have their hands in the air, others won’t;  some people sing amazingly, others couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket; some people stand, others sit- it’s not about any of those things, but about connecting you with God. We might ask you to stand, but if you need or want to sit (or kneel)- feel free!

Each week’s message has practical application to your life- we don’t want to just talk about faith, but give you tools to live out your faith. However, we also believe that our worship gatherings are for inspiration more than transformation- because real life change happens in circles, not rows! That’s why we also offer a ton of Care Groups (small group gatherings where we do life together- eat, talk, laugh, cry, and walk through life together) and other options for you!

We want to get to know you- but don’t want to be pushy! Our welcome team wants you to feel at home- we’ll shake your hand, tell you we’re glad to see you, & give you directions. The visitor cards aren’t mandatory- we just want to get to know you and get you connected- but if you bring it back by the welcome center after worship we’ve got some gifts we’d love to put in your hands!

If you want to get to know us more- one of the best ways is to signup for our monthly newsletter, Heartland Happenings.