At Heartland, we want to help you connect with God, His church, and your purpose. Whatever age & stage of life you’re in, we want to provide every opportunity we can. Look through the ministries here and see where you can get connected!

Youth Ministry

We know that we only have so much time with our kids, and that while throughout their lives they are bombarded with so many different things and ideas, it really hits full-force when they reach middle school, high school, and beyond. Being around adults and peers who uplift them, encourage them, and point them to Christ is vital at this time of their lives. We’d love for your teens to join us as we journey through life together. Don’t miss…

Kid’s Ministry

Here at Heartland we believe kids are a big deal. We’ve got at most 936 weeks to invest into a kid’s life from birth to graduation and what matters most is each of their lives. In other words, when we see how much time we have left, we tend to do more with the time we have now! As a church, we are committed to pouring into the lives of kids with everything we’ve got. Think about it for a second,…

Music Ministry

We are blessed to have some very talented muscians and vocalists who call Heartland their home and serve in Music Ministry, whether their instrument of choice is piano, drums, keyboard, tamborine, harp, trombone or voice. If you have a heart for Music Ministry and would like to join the team, email

Family Ministry

We believe that you can’t do life alone and God’s design for life was the family. Every family is different, but every family is important. Bringing families together, strengthening family relationships, and providing opportunities & training for families to do the work of discipleship & disciple making together are the domain of our Family Ministries. Foundations Jesus spoke to the importance of family, both biological and spiritual, and left us a distinct plan for doing so inside the family. ‘And…

Men’s Ministry

We believe that every man is called to live into the fullness of the manhood God made them into. We also believe that no man can do that alone. So, we come together in brotherhood to sharpen each other and push each other into that fullness of life God called us into. Are you looking for a brotherhood like that? Join us! Whether it’s working together, praying together, eating together, studying together, or having fun together- the key word is…

Women’s Ministry

Get plugged in with our Women’s Ministries. Whether it’s through Bible Studies, prayer time, conferences, or helping with events, our passion is to encourage women in their walk with Christ and growth through the Spirit.


At Heartland we believe in connecting everyone we possibly can to God, His church, and their purpose as disciples who create disciples. God has given each of us a mission field, whether it’s our family, our neighborhood, our community, or a country on the other side of the planet. We want to encourage those who serve in every aspect and share God’s love and Word, again, whether it’s our family, our neighborhood, our community, or a country on the other side…